Thursday, December 26, 2013

5 Minute Quick Easy Hair Styles Looks 2014

Hi, guys. Are you busy with taking care of your kids and at the same time with working? Elegant and delicate hair styles will be a little far away from you, right?  No worries. With our half-done hair tool: clip in hair extensions, 5 minutes easy quick hair is available for you. let a look at the following easy hair styles looks. Find one best for you.

long straight ombre hair with side-parting
straight ombre long hair before and after
straight hair extensions for long straight hair
straight hair extensions for long straight hair styles
ombre wavy long hair cut looks
                              wavy black ombre extensions

  1. Many celebrity choose ombre hair tools to have quick and changing hair styles too. Their those hair looks are often seen in street, parties and even in Hollywood. 
  2. Simple straight & wavy hair styles can also be made into braids, updos, ponytail and many more. 
Camila Alves Long Layered Hair

braids and updso collecitons:
ombre braided tutorials

rolled up updos

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hair Extensions Before and After for Thin Hair

Girls with thin hair may wonder whether you can have very fashionable and flattering hair styles requiring lots of hair, such as long wavy hairstyles and ponytail hairstyles. Anyway, thick and full hair have more options for hair styles change than thin hair. So here is a good solution for thin hair, and that is hair extensions to add volume and length.
To see the hair change magic, here is a list of hair extensions before and after looks. Hair magic happens to real persons.

1. Hair tool to add Length

   It is usually the case that thin hair can not grow very long in a fast speed, and what is more the new grown      long hair come to poor quality. For some parties, such as prom, evening and wedding occasions, turn to       clip in extensions hair for a natural and quick hair look.

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2. Extensions hair to add volume 
    Extensions hair can not only add length, but also add volume to your own hair. For thick and fuller looks, the one is a perfect options.

Are you attractive to the hair styles above? All the stylish hair cuts above and other hair styles can be created with the help of hair extensions clip in at affordable prices

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hot Updo Hairstyles for Classic Look Ideas

Recently, i am searching hairstyles topics for my posts, and see that updo hairstyles is one of the hot topics.
Updos are for classic and elegant looks, loved by girls at any ages, from little girls, to old ones. In the following, let us see the updo hairstyles collections together.

Messy Updo Hairstyles Tutorial

The first one is about updo styles kinds for parties:

Messy French Twist
You need not have silky clean hair because sleek hair is not going to do you any favors for this style. Your hair can has grit but it can be brushed and has movement. Spray your hair gently and blow it dry with cold setting wind. Tease the crown section with your comb and add a little bit of tease to the sides the ends lightly as well. Pull all your hair back with your fingers lightly as if you are going to make a mid ponytail. Start rolling the ends to the direction you want the twist in and keep rolling until you reach the head. You can poof out the crown a bit and loosen it up. Pin the twist to the rest of the hair with bobby pins and make sure you are gentle enough so that you do not flatten the twist. Use some spray to lock it down.
Messy French Twist

Braided side bun
It is quite suitable for anyone who wants to attend a wedding. It is so lucky that we can find the easy steps given by the network. It cannot be any easier to create this elegant and organic hairstyle for girls to learn. All you need is a hair tie, brush, bobby pins and clip in extensions if your hair is not long enough. Start teasing your hair in the crown section to create some volume and make a braid from one side of your head. Secure the braid with rubber band and then roll it up and tuck the braid under the hair which is not braided. Bobby pins are helpful at this moment and you can stop at any time you think the bun feel secure.
Braided Side Bun

Crown Braid Chignon
This is a lovely bridesmaid. Like the one who shared the tutorial, I am also thrilled to show it to all of you who want to recreate this crown braid chignon at home. Girls who are looking for the right braided hairstyle for their weddings can have a try. It is pretty lovely as it incorporates the French braid and chignon. You can see the clear steps from the tutorial below. Because you should braid and twist your hair, you should make sure your hair is long and thick enough. 20 inch hair extension is quite suitable for this hairstyle.
It is from a post:
Crown Braid Chignon
The second one is about DIY wedding updo hairstyles:

Twisted Wedding Updos:
Twisted updo is unlike the braided one. By scrolling your hair in different ways, you can get various hairstyles. While you are making the twists, you can leave some strands and curl them separately. The updo can be on the back of your hair or on one side of your face.
Twisted Wedding Updos

Braided Romantic Updos
It is also not very difficult to make a braided up-do, but you need patience. Braiding all of your hair into a simple ponytail and then scrolling them into an updo is a good choice. You can also pick some strands and braid them separately, scroll the left hair into an updo and then combine the braids and updo into one.
Braided Romantic Updos

Messy and Casual Up-do
Unlike the tidy and neat updo, a messy one is a totally different feeling. Flowers or accessories can be added into it. It is very suitable for those whose hair is thin but still want a voluminous finish.
Messy and Casual Up-do
Updo with Flowers
There are many kinds of flowers for you to choose and what we highly recommend is artificial flower. After you finish a well-done updo, you can apply a delicate flower in the right middle of updo or one side.
Cute accessories can be applied
Hair bows, feathers, silver head clasp and any cute accessories can be applied. Most brides choose to add it on one side of the delicate updo. If your hair color is dark or brown, the shinning accessories can make your hairstyle look more flattering.
Updo with Flowers

It is from

The Third One is Updo Hairstyles for Parties:
Almost all of celebrities have tried updo hairstyles for parties. Updo creates classic look. Like one of the photos given below, Blake styled her hair into a tight bun at the back and a little texture around crown which is the modern way to work a bun instead of pulling tight or over-groomed. There are many related updo posts in our blog and you can find the detailed information about how to achieve the chic hairstyle by yourself. If your hair is over 18 inch long, you can style almost all of the up-do. Otherwise, the 18 inch hair extensions can do you a favor at this moment.
Celebrities Updo Hairstyles

The ones can help you have the updo hair styles above:

All of the hot updo hairstyles above can be made with the help of hair extensions clip on.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Top 10 Wedding Hairstyles for Your Biggest Day in Life

Wedding is regarded as the most important day in girls' life. It begins a new start  for a girl's life. Everything for wedding should be the best: wedding dresses, wedding flowers, wedding cakes and wedding hairstyles. Today, i want to share wedding hairstyles with you guys all. It is sweet to tell you all on my wedding day, the wedding hairstyle is title as the best part of my weddings, and my friends all say beauty to me.

Braided Hair Styles
Braided hair styles are the hot options for wedding days. It is pretty lovely as it incorporates the French braid and chignon. It is part of an elegant look. It is a little difficult for a girl with short hair to have the hairstyle, since braiding it is based on certain amount of hair.
easy braided wedding hair styles 2013 
Messy Updo
Messy updo is among popular wedding hairsyles. It is a perfect style for girls with oval faces. A girl with oval faces will look more fashionable, more beautiful. You have a certain amount of hair, shoulder-length or long, and a clip, and the hair style is done. Many girls choose to have the style on wedding days.
new messy updo wedding hair styles 2013 with flowers

Shoulder-length Wedding Hairstyle
Shoulder-length is also an option for weddings. Making your hair wavy with iron tool when your hair is shoulder-length is for a girlish look. It is an elegant and cute choices for girls with oval faces. It will make you look more fashionable and beautiful. It does not require too much hair, so almost every girl is able to have it.

shoulder-length hair styles for weddings 2013

Easy Long Wedding Hairstyles
Long wedding hairstyles in wavy styles are very hot for girls. Adding some flowers to the styles or wedding hat will look more fashionable. The style is not time-consuming at all. Making your hair casual wavy and have some spray on it.
Easy Big Wavy Long Wedding Hair Styles with Flowers

Girls with short hair want to have the styles above, and trying hair extensions makes your dream come true.
Wavy, curly,  straight hair extensions in any length such as 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, all can make your hair longer.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Best and Easy Summer Hairstyles for Girls 2013

Summer witnesses the emergence of different hairstyles. Braided hairstyles, long sexy wavy hair, cute curly or youthful ponytail can be seen everywhere. How to make yourself outstanding among all the beautiful girls and how to create the most appropriate hairstyle by making the best use of your own advantages, for instance, your skin tone and hair color, need careful selection and comparison. A glance over the hairstyles sported by celebrities in the fashion world can give you some inspirations. Below is a summary of some most popular hairstyles for this summer.

Braided ponytail with flowers can make sure your hair is neat and beautiful enough. You can create it by yourself at home and you can let it be a little messy.

Brown to blonde ombre color hair extensions can do you a favor to make this fabulous hairstyle with flower crown. All you need to do is clip in hair extensions and then iron your hair to loose weaves.

Waterfall braided hairstyle with a appropriate bow is very attractive and chic for girls who want to establish a cute feeling. It is suitable for medium hair length.

Double braided fishtail is a very good way to tie all your hair in summer so that your hair will not disturb you and give others a cool and salubrious feeling. One particular point of this hairstyle is the ombre color. Brown to blonde ombre hair extensions can obviously do you a favor here.

There must be numerous tutorials about this classic hairstyle. Hair knots are very welcome in summer as it is easy made and very cool for girls. It is also a easy matching hairstyle for clothes.

For those who want to attend party or even office lady, this elegant hair bun is the one and the very proper choice. Matching with a pair of succinct but attractive earrings, you can catch others eyes.

Loose brown color waves with hair band is right here for you who is planning to go for a trip around beach. You can choose an eye-catching hair band like the picture given and the casual but youthful whole-feeling can be created. A variety of human hair extensions related to this color can be found in blog vpfashion.

The side braided hairstyle for long hair can be achieved with long hair extensions. It is not so difficult to make a braided hair like the picture given and before you taking steps, you should make sure your hair is long and thick enough.24 Inch Blonde Straight Clip In Hair Extension uss1224 is a nice helper for you if you are considering lengthening your hair. 

If time is limited in the morning and you also want to make a well enough hairstyle, you can choose this one. A very simple silky straight hair in a tiny messy state. You can divide your hair from the middle and match with a short-sleeved denim shirt.
Twisted your hair and make an updo hairstyle will not take you so much time, the whole feeling can be promoted by adding a cute headband. This hairstyle is very suitable for girls who are going back to school.