Monday, September 24, 2012

Justin Timberlake Celebrates His Bachelor Party In Las Vegas

Times flies. You may exclaim over that the affairs of the world are in constant. Those who were public accepted as good union turn out to separate. And those who become your soul companions may not be your first loves. Life is so dramatic. According to the latest news report, that the famous playboy Justin Timberlake celebrated his bachelor party in Los Vegas on Thursday. The groom-to-be now is engaged to actress Jessica Biel . It is pointed out by the gossip that the wedding ceremony may not be far away. Britney Spears, the most reputable rumor girl friend, now has already become the mother of two boys and she has also engaged with Jason. Great pity. But all in all, congratulate to the super star bachelor.

According to the gossip, that Justin dined at the Sinatra Restaurant at the Wynn with an entourage of about 20 men dresses in rat pack-themed suits. He was later spotted at the Surrender Nightclub at Encore. According to reports, the group was very polite and courteous, and ran into Timbaland! Timba congratulated Justin and wished him and his fiancé well on their upcoming wedding.

THEN last night, JT and his crew were spotted in Cabo, Mexico where they continued the festivities. It looks like it’s going to be a weekend of fun for Justin who proposed to Jessica Biel last December. The couple had been on and off for four years, breaking up in March of 2011. The two got back together in the fall, only to become engaged months later. There hasn’t been any word on a bachelorette party for Jessica.

Justin recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he spoke about his relationship. Apparently the Justin and Jessica can cook up quite the storm in the kitchen, "Well, it works out. She likes to cook. I like to bake. … so dinner and dessert."

He also mentioned that since meeting Jessica, he’s been more open to trying new things, "We're both adventure junkies. She probably is even more than I am. … I had never gone scuba diving before I met Jessica and she actually talked me into it. And I said, 'I got one rule, if we are on that boat and I see a shark I'm not going in the water, it's not happening.' "

I can almost hear the wedding bells playing in the distance! We’ll keep you posted on the wedding deets!

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