Monday, April 22, 2013

Lovely Braid Hairstyles

Already tired of the same old hairstyle? And you also do not want to go to saloon spending a sum of money. In fact, we can do our hair on our own. First, see some amazing photos.

Lovely hairstyles? All these gorgeous hairstyles can be made by ourselves. All we  need do is following the steps online.There is a lot of information about how dealing with our hair in the internet shared by some real experts.Just a few clicks,you will find what you want.

My fantasy braided hair in my wedding day 

The color of dress,the hair color and the lighting, all are romantic.

Like waterfall?

 A very cute little girl with braided hair

I love all these braided hair styles, do you?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Street Chic : Our Own Styles

Do you like the street styles? As for me , I’m crazy about the street styles. Your daily wearing show your fashion taste accurately. Natural, at ease, relaxed street chic tells us the real life can be beautiful and stunning as much as the models in the big stages.
Constantly focusing on the latest street snaps, you will know what is in vogue now. it is more useful and easy than all kinds of fashion shows and weeks.

Beautiful girls on music festival. 
As a stylish and fashionable girl, they will not give up this chance to show themselves.
Everyone can be his own fashion stylist. Because only we know most about ourselves and what we want. You may can describe the clothing you dreamed. But words fail you. We can play to our strengths and find the ones fitting us perfectly  by constant trying.Of course the professions are still needed.

 All these people have found what they want. Don't need to dress like mode. you can be terrific.

Paris Street chic-Elegance

New York Street Chic 

                       Street chic in London

Tokoy Street chic

Instead of always following the trend or what the celebrity are doing, we can have our own styles, more suitable to us. What you should wear is what makes you beautiful and comfortable.
Do you feel the difference of street snaps in different cities?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pink Hair Styles: Sweet Rock Spring

I love dramatic fashion styles. Sometimes, fashion is a drama. The ordinary, common and dull things are not fashion. A special hairstyle will contribute a lot to our whole images. so,I am absolutely obsessed with alternative hair and brightly dyed hair. of course, i usually go crazy for pink.Let pink infect the spring.

Enjoy some amazing pictures of pink hairstyles.

Kelly Eden with bubble gum pink hair and lips 

when speaking about the pink hair styles , Katy Perry can never be hair has already been the icon of Katy Perry. I love her in all kinds of pink hair styles.

cotton-candy pink hair styles

Purple pink hair style

some girls are enchanted by pink hairstyles. they try a lot and have amazing effects. they look extraordinary.
green highlights pink blonde hair

light pink hair style
anyway dying a pink hair may need some courage.I think it deserves. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hair Color : Women’s Personality ?

    Be on the lookout for an increased demand in fashion hair color ! It is easy to find that the following 5 hair colors are becoming main trend, black, brunette, red, blonde and pink. In the age, people tend to change their hair color, but whether what color they have chosen is related to their personality? As the survey shows, it is partly true. Sometimes, we could judge someone based on hair color.

If one wears black hair, we may be aware that he/she is dependable, simple and prudent.

Brunette hair color


Usually , we consider it to be fashioned , tempered and intelligent. More importantly, over half of informants say brunette hair is more attractive.

Red hair color


Naturally, red hair seems to be more irritable ,although no study shows red color represents hot temple. However, redhead remains a high demand indeed.
 Blonde hair color

Blonde hair color tends to be considered fickle , flighty, sexy but outgoing.
Pink hair color 

The pink is non-mainstream color, it makes us feel so cute and bardian but not mature.

 To be frank, hair color does not have definite correlation to one’s character. It just makes people think it to be. In the modern age, individual character is fashion. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Wishing List: Women Accessories

Spring is here and summer coming. time for change, right? When we are busy with investing on our beautiful clothing and shoes, just don’t forget update your accessories with the season. Good accessories add glamour to the look, such as, sunglasses, hats, necklaces ,bracelets and rings.check out your closet and find which one you need to make a progress.


Sheriff & Cherry-new cult label. Fun and flirty frames in fruity colorways - and all handmade with 400-UV-protected organic lenses. it is stylish, sporty and chic.

several colors for you to choose and i believe you will find one suits perfect.
among these glasses these two pairs i love most. the former one is light color and is best for spring. second one have blue and red colors ,pretty cool.

every woman need a hat. a woman in fashion need more hats. in spring, you may want to do some sports outdoor,then wear a petty hat will grab more eyes.
Do you want make a big impact around you? a dramatic hat will help you. a hat will make you outstanding a crowd of  boring people.we can be special.

there are other pretty accessories,we can share next time. Do you like these staff i shared?

Taylor Swift’s beautiful showing up at ACM

Have you follow what happened at ACM? I did. My whole eyes were grabbed by Taylor Swift’s stunning showing up. Her hairstyle, her make-up and especially her gorgeous gown totally get my heart. In the following, we take a review about her outstanding performance. 
First, let’s us see her make-up. Taylor Swift looked absolutely gorgeous rocking a super dramatic smokey eye and a ponytail with not one hair out of place at the awards show in Las Vegas
 Taylor’s Sexy Smokey Eyes.
 her super dramatic smokey eyes is perfect for night performance.

Her Sleek Pony-making her more energetic and fresh

When she performed she let her hair down.

All above is all about Taylor Swift 2013 ACM Awards Show. Even though she did not land trophies, she still is the most shining star in my eyes. The moment she appeared in the red carpet is the best moment of that night. And which gown do you think is the better one?

Finally, let’s see two gowns she wore that night.

Taylor wore two gorgeous gowns at ACM. Of course, they are all very stunning and perfect. And these two beautiful gowns both fit Taylor pretty well. It is pretty hard to choose which one is better. We take a look at them.

Her Red Carpet gown
Taylor wore a golden  Dolce & Gabbana gown with open-back detailing  on the red carpet for the 2013 ACM Awards. In this golden embellished gown Taylor looks like a sexy goodness. In fact, I think she deserved the ACM Awards Best Dressed.

Then Taylor changed into her performance gown-a black gown. Taylor let her hair down for her performance and she looked stunning in a black gown from Naeem Khan’s Fall 2013 creation.  The top of gown is melted and very special. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Summer Short hairstyle- new yourself

As summer is coming, do you ever struck by an idea of getting a short fresh hairstyle? have you already been tired of fixing your long messy hair? Have you ever felt upset about your long wet hair in your bathroom? It is time to make some changes and experience something new. Don’t worry about that the short will make you tough and serious . After we see several photos of stars you will realize short hairstyle can also make you pretty and sexy.  


There’s one celebrity that could motivate women to chop off all their hair, it’s Charlize Theron
 Her stunning appearance at the Oscars make all eager to try on cropped hairstyles. 

Hathaway’s short hairstyle makes her more energetic and now she looks like a girl living in the next house but not the princess living in the palace.
Take a glance at this,  wow, this is Miley Cyrus  ! although hairstyle is a little crazy, it definitely will catch people’s eyes. Miley can be the sweetest girl in the world but also the coolest. what she did to her hair is called a big revolution.

I always love her. I never thought I can love her before she chopped her hair off. Now, she is not the little girl but a mature and beautiful woman.
Halle Berry is one of the few people who find the most suitable hairstyle. The short show us her perfect lines of her face. The short almost is her signature look.

All these hairstyles are never considered outdated. These hairstyles are suitable for all age groups. There are some of the short hairstyles that enhance the facial features and structure of bones. It helps older women to look younger and energetic.