Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top Nicki Minaj Lace Wigs& Hairstyles ---Nicki Minaj Attended Oscar after Party with Normal Blonde Wavy Hair

Nicki Minaj, the Pink Friday Diva has long been reputed for her vagarious dressing and hairstyles. The celebrity can always wow the crowd with incredible strange appearances. While yesterday, on the Oscar Viewing party, the diva appeared with normal appearances.

From the pictures provided by the Media, she wore a strapless white mini dress. To our great surprise, she chose a long blonde wavy lace wig, which makes her quite different from what she used to be. Now let’s see the various Nicki Minaj hairstyles & lace wigs.

American Music Awards ----Blonde Medium Curls

NBC Today Show---Blonde Long Curls

2011 American Music Awards Nominees--- Half Blonde Half Blue Long Curls with Bangs
Fluffy Blonde Curls With Ponytails

Platinum Blonde Bouffant
Hairstyle with Black Bun
Highlighted Platinum Bouffant with Pink and Yellow Curls
Long Platinum, Blond, yellow and pink curls

Black Bob
Nicki Minaj With Peach Long Curls At Billboard Awards

Half Green Half Platinum Full Lace Wig
Long Blond Curls With Bangs

Pantherine Afro

Blond Afro

Black Afro

Blond and Green Straight Long Hair
Pink Straight Medium Length Bob
Pink Medium Length Curls With Bangs

Orange Medium Length Curls

Green Medium Length Bob

Black Ombre Curls

Blonde Long Curls 


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