Friday, November 1, 2013

The Top 10 Wedding Hairstyles for Your Biggest Day in Life

Wedding is regarded as the most important day in girls' life. It begins a new start  for a girl's life. Everything for wedding should be the best: wedding dresses, wedding flowers, wedding cakes and wedding hairstyles. Today, i want to share wedding hairstyles with you guys all. It is sweet to tell you all on my wedding day, the wedding hairstyle is title as the best part of my weddings, and my friends all say beauty to me.

Braided Hair Styles
Braided hair styles are the hot options for wedding days. It is pretty lovely as it incorporates the French braid and chignon. It is part of an elegant look. It is a little difficult for a girl with short hair to have the hairstyle, since braiding it is based on certain amount of hair.
easy braided wedding hair styles 2013 
Messy Updo
Messy updo is among popular wedding hairsyles. It is a perfect style for girls with oval faces. A girl with oval faces will look more fashionable, more beautiful. You have a certain amount of hair, shoulder-length or long, and a clip, and the hair style is done. Many girls choose to have the style on wedding days.
new messy updo wedding hair styles 2013 with flowers

Shoulder-length Wedding Hairstyle
Shoulder-length is also an option for weddings. Making your hair wavy with iron tool when your hair is shoulder-length is for a girlish look. It is an elegant and cute choices for girls with oval faces. It will make you look more fashionable and beautiful. It does not require too much hair, so almost every girl is able to have it.

shoulder-length hair styles for weddings 2013

Easy Long Wedding Hairstyles
Long wedding hairstyles in wavy styles are very hot for girls. Adding some flowers to the styles or wedding hat will look more fashionable. The style is not time-consuming at all. Making your hair casual wavy and have some spray on it.
Easy Big Wavy Long Wedding Hair Styles with Flowers

Girls with short hair want to have the styles above, and trying hair extensions makes your dream come true.
Wavy, curly,  straight hair extensions in any length such as 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, all can make your hair longer.

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