Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Summer Short hairstyle- new yourself

As summer is coming, do you ever struck by an idea of getting a short fresh hairstyle? have you already been tired of fixing your long messy hair? Have you ever felt upset about your long wet hair in your bathroom? It is time to make some changes and experience something new. Don’t worry about that the short will make you tough and serious . After we see several photos of stars you will realize short hairstyle can also make you pretty and sexy.  


There’s one celebrity that could motivate women to chop off all their hair, it’s Charlize Theron
 Her stunning appearance at the Oscars make all eager to try on cropped hairstyles. 

Hathaway’s short hairstyle makes her more energetic and now she looks like a girl living in the next house but not the princess living in the palace.
Take a glance at this,  wow, this is Miley Cyrus  ! although hairstyle is a little crazy, it definitely will catch people’s eyes. Miley can be the sweetest girl in the world but also the coolest. what she did to her hair is called a big revolution.

I always love her. I never thought I can love her before she chopped her hair off. Now, she is not the little girl but a mature and beautiful woman.
Halle Berry is one of the few people who find the most suitable hairstyle. The short show us her perfect lines of her face. The short almost is her signature look.

All these hairstyles are never considered outdated. These hairstyles are suitable for all age groups. There are some of the short hairstyles that enhance the facial features and structure of bones. It helps older women to look younger and energetic.


  1. Nice :) but I'd never dare cut my hair!


  2. i never would dare to cut it off so much like that+i think i don't have the right faceshape, like! really! have tried out virtual ones...nut heck no! =P

    but these people look okey in short^^ especially emma!