Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Wishing List: Women Accessories

Spring is here and summer coming. time for change, right? When we are busy with investing on our beautiful clothing and shoes, just don’t forget update your accessories with the season. Good accessories add glamour to the look, such as, sunglasses, hats, necklaces ,bracelets and rings.check out your closet and find which one you need to make a progress.


Sheriff & Cherry-new cult label. Fun and flirty frames in fruity colorways - and all handmade with 400-UV-protected organic lenses. it is stylish, sporty and chic.

several colors for you to choose and i believe you will find one suits perfect.
among these glasses these two pairs i love most. the former one is light color and is best for spring. second one have blue and red colors ,pretty cool.

every woman need a hat. a woman in fashion need more hats. in spring, you may want to do some sports outdoor,then wear a petty hat will grab more eyes.
Do you want make a big impact around you? a dramatic hat will help you. a hat will make you outstanding a crowd of  boring people.we can be special.

there are other pretty accessories,we can share next time. Do you like these staff i shared?


  1. you added so many lovely accesories *.*
    i wish i had some <3
    great post!

  2. Awesome collection! Do visit and make online shopping of all types of bags, wallets and belts...!