Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taylor Swift’s beautiful showing up at ACM

Have you follow what happened at ACM? I did. My whole eyes were grabbed by Taylor Swift’s stunning showing up. Her hairstyle, her make-up and especially her gorgeous gown totally get my heart. In the following, we take a review about her outstanding performance. 
First, let’s us see her make-up. Taylor Swift looked absolutely gorgeous rocking a super dramatic smokey eye and a ponytail with not one hair out of place at the awards show in Las Vegas
 Taylor’s Sexy Smokey Eyes.
 her super dramatic smokey eyes is perfect for night performance.

Her Sleek Pony-making her more energetic and fresh

When she performed she let her hair down.

All above is all about Taylor Swift 2013 ACM Awards Show. Even though she did not land trophies, she still is the most shining star in my eyes. The moment she appeared in the red carpet is the best moment of that night. And which gown do you think is the better one?

Finally, let’s see two gowns she wore that night.

Taylor wore two gorgeous gowns at ACM. Of course, they are all very stunning and perfect. And these two beautiful gowns both fit Taylor pretty well. It is pretty hard to choose which one is better. We take a look at them.

Her Red Carpet gown
Taylor wore a golden  Dolce & Gabbana gown with open-back detailing  on the red carpet for the 2013 ACM Awards. In this golden embellished gown Taylor looks like a sexy goodness. In fact, I think she deserved the ACM Awards Best Dressed.

Then Taylor changed into her performance gown-a black gown. Taylor let her hair down for her performance and she looked stunning in a black gown from Naeem Khan’s Fall 2013 creation.  The top of gown is melted and very special. 

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