Thursday, April 18, 2013

Street Chic : Our Own Styles

Do you like the street styles? As for me , I’m crazy about the street styles. Your daily wearing show your fashion taste accurately. Natural, at ease, relaxed street chic tells us the real life can be beautiful and stunning as much as the models in the big stages.
Constantly focusing on the latest street snaps, you will know what is in vogue now. it is more useful and easy than all kinds of fashion shows and weeks.

Beautiful girls on music festival. 
As a stylish and fashionable girl, they will not give up this chance to show themselves.
Everyone can be his own fashion stylist. Because only we know most about ourselves and what we want. You may can describe the clothing you dreamed. But words fail you. We can play to our strengths and find the ones fitting us perfectly  by constant trying.Of course the professions are still needed.

 All these people have found what they want. Don't need to dress like mode. you can be terrific.

Paris Street chic-Elegance

New York Street Chic 

                       Street chic in London

Tokoy Street chic

Instead of always following the trend or what the celebrity are doing, we can have our own styles, more suitable to us. What you should wear is what makes you beautiful and comfortable.
Do you feel the difference of street snaps in different cities?

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