Friday, April 12, 2013

Pink Hair Styles: Sweet Rock Spring

I love dramatic fashion styles. Sometimes, fashion is a drama. The ordinary, common and dull things are not fashion. A special hairstyle will contribute a lot to our whole images. so,I am absolutely obsessed with alternative hair and brightly dyed hair. of course, i usually go crazy for pink.Let pink infect the spring.

Enjoy some amazing pictures of pink hairstyles.

Kelly Eden with bubble gum pink hair and lips 

when speaking about the pink hair styles , Katy Perry can never be hair has already been the icon of Katy Perry. I love her in all kinds of pink hair styles.

cotton-candy pink hair styles

Purple pink hair style

some girls are enchanted by pink hairstyles. they try a lot and have amazing effects. they look extraordinary.
green highlights pink blonde hair

light pink hair style
anyway dying a pink hair may need some courage.I think it deserves. 


  1. I love coloured hair. Pink hair is too cute.
    Red hair always fascinated me especially that of Hayley Williams from the band Paramore, Ariana Grande from the show Victorious and Rihanna's previous look.

  2. katy perry is super cool with her pink hair <3 she is always gorgeous!

  3. Can't say I'd do it on my hair, but looks cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog, would you like to follow each other on fb/bloglovin? let meknow!